Daily Digest: Amassing an Arsenal, Smith Rakes It In, Odoriferous Russian Roulette

These are the people who distribute food stamps and unemployment checks . . . DPS: Guns, ammunition seized from Arizona government basement after director ousted – “The ousted director of Arizona’s… The post Daily Digest: Amassing an Arsenal, Smith Rakes It In, Odoriferous Russian Roulette appeared first on The Truth About Guns. The Truth About Guns


These Countries Have Nearly “Eliminated Cash From Circulation”

This article was written by Rory Hall and originally published at The Daily Coin. Editor’s Comment: The cashless society is catching up to all of us. Most of Europe has shifted that way, and now India is forcing the issue. In the United States, people are being acclimated to it, and may soon find that…


Don’t Be Without These Prepping Essentials: “Survival Fuel You Must Have”

This article was written by Tess Pennington and originally published at ReadyNutrition.com. Editor’s Comment: Whether you are cut off from store supplies during a disaster, or you are hiking to your bug out location, food will obviously be one of your most crucial supplies during a crisis. Although you can live for weeks without food…


The 12 Days of Christmas: Day 2, Read All About It!

Every year about this time, our kids always look forward to unpacking our collection of holiday books.  During the month of December, we keep them in a basket in the family room, ready for a read-aloud or a quiet read-alone. This is the season to enjoy some really terrific books as a family. Trust me….


The Ubiquitous 30-30 Lever Gun

Dear survivalists and preppers, have we gone AR and AK nuts? Hey, you know what, there are viable alternatives to the multi-round, mag latch, muzzle flash black guns so often associated with the bug out movement. For one, this author contends a good ole reliable, lever action 30-30 has a role to play in our…


The Age of the AR-15

When Eugene Stoner invented the AR-15 in the 1950s, I doubt he ever imagined the rifle’s success of today. In the age where hardwood stocks and full power cartridges reigned supreme, the little “Mattel toy” rifle with plastic stock and aluminum parts looked like something from a science fiction film. First adopted by the Air…

Lawmakers Push For American-Made Military Footwear

Lawmakers want to require the Pentagon to issue only American-made footwear such as combat boots to military recruits as part of the defense budget. The final version of the National Defense Authorization Act includes a provision to require the Department of Defense to provide military recruits with American-made shoes, according to the Associated Press. Maine…


Feeding the Beast During SHTF – Bread Options

Written by R. Ann Parris on The Prepper Journal. 5/5 (2) A crisis of any scale is a tough time to either have to learn to do without, or create a lot of work for ourselves. With a little practice and planning, we can still have things that make our next dish of soup or…