Prepper Pocket Pistols

The essential idea behind a pocket pistol is to carry it concealed on your person in the event of immediate need.  During an active SHTF event, a prepper-survivalists may have multiple opportunities to engage their pocket pistol for a wide variety of reasons.  It might be needed to get out of the office and home…


Best Finishes For Your SHTF Gun

We recently had a reader email into the Survival Cache team with a couple suggestions for articles he’s like to see(those types of emails are always welcome, by the way!).   He’d mentioned one specific item he’d like to see gone over.  He wrote, “Another article I’d like to see if/when you and your team get…


It Should Be a Defensive Gun Use (If It Comes Down To It): NC Church Threatened

“Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police took a report on the incident Friday morning at Wedgewood Church,” North Carolina’s wncn.com reports. “The church’s sign along busy Tyvola Road reads, ‘Stop killing, disrespecting black people.’” Here’s the message left on the sign: The church’s … Read More The post It Should Be a Defensive Gun Use (If It Comes Down To It):…

Former Barrick Gold President: “A Big Move Has Begun… There’s Something Fundamentally Wrong With The Economy”

Former Barrick Gold President: “A Big Move Has Begun… There’s Something Fundamentally Wrong With The Economy”

There are few people as knowledgeable about  global commodities markets, fundamentals, cycles and the effects of investor sentiment on price movements as Jim Gowans. He is the former Co-President of mega-mining company Barrick Gold, the former President of De Beers Canada, and currently serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of mineral exploration firm Arizona Mining….


Globalism Is A Barbaric Relic – Voluntary Tribalism Is The Future

This article was originally published by Brandon Smith at Alt-Market.com I have been writing rather extensively about the ideology of globalism in recent months, primarily because the battle lines between sovereignty and global centralization have never been more defined than they are in 2016.  In the past, globalists have often hidden the true motives of…


The Best Way Home: SHTF Route Planning

Written by Pat Henry on The Prepper Journal. 4.32/5 (25) Imagine it’s 1:15 on a Thursday afternoon. You and some friends at work have recently returned from lunch and you are settling back into work. As you are going about your daily responsibilities, the Emergency Broadcast System starts to blare over a coworker’s radio. Normally…


Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – Michael Cancel

This Marine carries a GLOCK 19. If we had a nickel for every time those words have been said, we could probably buy the company. See what else he carries at Everyday Carry . . . … Read More The post Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – Michael Cancel appeared first on The…


DHS Prepares For Nuke Attack With Massive Order For Radiation Detectors: ‘To Ensure Nuclear Devices Aren’t Secretly Being Transported In Public Areas’

Earlier this year we reported that Texas game wardens on the southern border have been issued radiation detectors due to concerns that a nuclear or radiological device could be smuggled into the United States through the porous Mexican border. It appears that the Department of Homeland Security is also taking the potential for a nuclear-based…


Survival Buzz: How to Test Your Drinking Water + Giveaway

When you think about emergency water, most likely you think about acquisition, purification, and filtering processes.  I know that I do.  What is missing from this equation, though, is testing. Can we assume the water coming out of the kitchen faucet is safe to drink?  And what about well water or home filtered water?  Wouldn’t…